a slang term for marijuana originating from the Midwest, referring to the Native American custom to use every part of the buffalo.
"Save the stems of that buffalo, dude, we can use it later."

"Yo, dude, pick that nug up, you can't waste the buffalo."

"Dude, don't cash that buffalo yet, you can't waste the buff."
by chocolatemonster March 31, 2009
Gayest city in the great State of New York. In fact, the only non-gay city in the entire Empire State is New York City; mainly the following boroughs: Staten Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Example 1

Wee Frank resides from gay Buffalo. He's so gay, that even if he was from the coolest place in the world, Staten Island, he'd still
be half queer.

Example 2

Wee Frank has a fake girlfriend in Buffalo.

Example 3

The Buffalo Bills had a kicker named Ray Finkle who missed the game winning field goal in the 1990 Super Bowl to the best sports team ever, the New York Football Giants
by Jay Knockers February 07, 2009
A moderatly respectable blur collar town in western new york. Among other things, it is the final resting place of president Mckinley and former Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff.
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
Literally the most boring place to live in on planet earth
Went on vacation to buffalo last week. It's basically a shit hole
by Basically A Dictionary January 11, 2015
Additional word for nigga or African Americans.
The Buffaloes in the gym are so damn loud.
by the biddeford sluts January 08, 2011
a game played between all the male members of a party in which everyone throws in ten to twenty dollars a person before the party starts. during the party whomsoever should take home the fattest ugliest girl there (the "buffalo") wins the prize money you must first disclose the location so that your friends can walk in and get the proof
hey man who won buffalo last night i know my bitch weighed at least 280 i couldn't hardly breath
by cumminscomp5.9 March 04, 2009
everybody loves buffalo aka, b-lo, buffalove, bufflehoe .... Inspite of a diminishing economy and having the second highest poverty rate in the U.S it doesn't mean we dont know how to party. we have an outstanding night life and sports teams that are just amazing *cough*. in the west we have latinas and crew camp? in the east we got the GHETT0 * and north and south are for the irish people. we have the greatest suburbs like cheektavegas and the BURG. we have the ancor bar and bars on every street corner along with my mama and the prostitutes. we have a very cold winter and a beautiful summer. the lake is a gorgeous view and it is a way to escape from the city. the marina is the blace to be!! we love to drink! ge' somee ge' somee ! everybody love everybody in buffalo. and buffalonians know how to deal with whatever you throw at them so if you dont live here your a pansy ass bitch.
two dogs are conversing in the streets of buffalo ....
abbi: where can you get some buffalo wings?
rachelle: anywhere ! you can fiind them in a garbage can, at the gas station or local walmart, therse some laying in the basement of that abandond house, and my fat ass priest even hides some in the tabernacle at church!
abbi: what about beerr i love me some labatt on a cold winters day
rachelle: go anywhere for that too you can find it at an AA meeting, the rehab center up the road, those little kids are selling it over there and you can find some reallyy good stuff up my ass right now i saved it for later here just reach right up
abbi: get cho asss out-
rachelle- just grap some its right -
abbi- get the hell out of my hood right now-
rachelle- its really good just grap it it hasn't been there that lon-
abbi- i will beat you skinny spotted asss
rachelle- i see how it is..
by sophia & rachel June 21, 2008
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