Noun: A handsome guy with a nice figure. Can refer to buff or slender guys. Soccer players and football players can both be buffalo.
Sara: Buffalo. 2 o'clock.
Sam: Dark hair?
Sara: I think his names Rob, total buffalo.
by charmingone:) November 22, 2010
24th most dangerous city in the US
buffalo is Not as bad as New Orleans
by J-mal smith B-lo January 06, 2009
An African American woman who is very fat and very ugly.
I can't belive he married that buffalo. He can do so much better.
by Davy C August 10, 2007
a random person not truly invited to a party; thereby, ruining the entire party
"Dude, I didn't know what to do! I was surrounded by buffalo EVERYWHERE!"
by Capt. Frat April 27, 2009
To have sex in a snowbank. Perhaps derives from Buffalo, NY, the freaking snow capital of the world. This is a common practice amongst bored college freshman in rural areas.
Girl: Let's have some good Buffalo!
Boy: Won't it shrink?
Girl: That's the point!
by Ugh! November 13, 2006
v. To smoke an entire blunt to the face
Man I just buffaloed a 2 gram blunt and now I'm high as hell.
by Preeds December 20, 2005
Cows that look like bears
Dude, those cows look crazy! They look like bears! They've got their winter coats on for sure... Or, maybe they're buffalo... That's why they look like bears...
by Madd-Dogg Andersen November 30, 2010

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