Pronounced "Boof - A - Low "

A Bulky Female with a square like build. Usually Heavy Set, Often times hang around a group of males and identify themeselfs as "one of the guys". While not completly fat they can be considerd chunky . Usually the males in a group of freinds will resort to sex with her as a last resort when under the influence of alcohol.

Originated in a suburb of buffalo NY. When a Russian parent came home and asked "why did you bring these girls from buffalo in my house" but translated in english to

"why did you bring these buffalo's here"
Guy 1:"Dude look at that that group of guys."
Guy 2 : " Looks like they have a Buffalo in the group as well"
Guy1 : "oh yeah i bet shes putting out tonight"
Guy2: " i feel sorry for whoever fucks her, when he wakes up she will probably crush his ribs with her manly build."
by Man-Man March 12, 2010
by hazzzzzzzzzzz October 05, 2008
A male lot lizard. one who frequents truck stops looking for sex
I parked my truck at the rest stop and a damn buffalo came up wanting to give me a bj!
by trucker jim July 06, 2013
Verb - to push ahead, plow over or unwittingly dominate in one's actions or in a given situation.
Noun - Someone who embodies these qualities.
Stop buffaloing through my twelve-pack and buy your own.

by August O. November 22, 2006
v. A synonym for vomit, typically used in the Orient. The word likely originated from the term yak, however, due to the ubiquity of yaks in some parts of south central Asia, the term buffalo is more appropriate and less confusing.
Anil: "Oh man, I feel gross! I think I'm gonna buffalo!!"
by YakLeatherPants April 15, 2011
A wonderous *cough* city in Western New York, known mostly for chicken wings, our usually horrible football team, the insane amount of bars (that's mostly the Chip Strip and South Buffalo), and having spawned the Goos. Home of the #1 highschool and middle school in WNY - City Honors. If you're ever visiting during the summer, check out Thrusday at the Square.
Buffalo NY, hey - at least we're not Compton!
by Boochies August 27, 2003
a very simple drinking game that can be understood and played by all. the rules are simple: if you take a drink with your dominant hand, and if another person notices this and calls "buffalo", you must chug the rest of your drink. no exceptions.
man 1: (takes drink with right hand)
man 2: buffalo!
man 1: shit. (chugs drink)

man 1: (takes drink with left hand)
man 2: buffalo!
man 1: fucker, i'm right handed
by parlejeudi July 09, 2009
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