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1: A type of animal

2: A city in New York

3: A verb meaning to fight

The only word that can be used to make one sentence:
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.
Buffalo (as in the city) Buffalo (as in the animal) Buffalo (as in the verb) Buffalo (as in the city) Buffalo (as in the animal)

In other words:

A Buffalo from Buffalo fought a Buffalo from Buffalo.
by Shay Live June 12, 2011
Additional word for nigga or African Americans.
The Buffaloes in the gym are so damn loud.
by the biddeford sluts January 08, 2011
The nickname of a girl who is absolutely beautiful, hilarious, fun to be around, smart, talented (an artist), who every boy (who has sense...and enough balls to pursuit her) wants... The nickname buffalo is just a cover-she should be nicknamed angel. diva. princess. or goober.
Wow-I was honored to be in the presence of "the buffalo" --sigh....my day just got better.
by abijahv February 24, 2010
A BUFFALO is a member of a drinking gang / game founded by The Great Marco Cota. In order to become a buffalo you need to be sworn in by a buffalo in a public place. You cannot know the rules to buffalo until you become one. And remember once a buffalo always a buffalo!
Buffalo! Drink up bitch!
Mario was wounded, I buffaloed him like six times!
by Big Marco July 28, 2011
Fat women between the ages of 30-50 that chases younger men.
Roseann buffalo barr
by sempaij February 07, 2011
24th most dangerous city in the US
buffalo is Not as bad as New Orleans
by J-mal smith B-lo January 06, 2009
a rather fit person it can be split into the three seperate words (BUFF-A-LO) but is usually said all together

it origonates BUFF as in buff stuff

it can also be used in a sarcastic way against somone you hate

that boy is rather buffalo (an example of a fit person)

thatgeek is uber buff-a-lo (sarcastc tne)
by buffsoup March 25, 2008