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Incredibly she is the Senator from New York. Those who helped put her in office are now completely unable to point out a single accomplishment by this troll in the 4-plus years she's been here.

She immediately forgot the Western New York population as soon as her blinders were adjusted towards her White House prospects. Yet every time she takes a nice shit we have to hear about it in our local media. Apparently uninteresting news reporting is far more suitable to the Buffalo media than demanding she account for a single accomplishment for her constituents.

Has been completely silent about the budget disaster in Erie County because it doesn't jive with her photo ops in Iraq, and because she couldn't give a rat's ass.

A woman in the White House? Sure, why not? But for the love of all that is sacred, not her!

Grab her by her cankles and send her back to Arkansas.
Tonight on the 11 o'clock news: Hillary Rodham Clinton made a visit to Buffalo today, where she spoke about issues important only to today's polling, and quickly left without answering any unscripted questions. Gee, let's put her in the White House.
by Beastfan March 08, 2005
County Executive of Erie County, NY. Possibly the most vile and corrupt politician since Boss Tweed. This deceitful gastropod has all but bankrupted the county while continuing to hand out gobs of taxpayer money to friends and relatives in exchange for blowjobs. All those appointmented to their positions by him are as a result of massive sycophancy, despite the sore knees and jaws they developed under his executive desk.

Threatened the taxpayers to either accept his tax increases and bloated government or he'd shut off the services, effectively leaving the citizens without sheriff's patrols, parks or snow plowing.

This motherfucker gives us his middle finger because he knows he can't be recalled unless he murders someone. But he accepted the blame for the fiscal mess in a press conference performance that was so insincere his cronies were squirming. Has the audacity to say he will "keep his promise" of not running for another term as though he was performing some noble feat for the masses. In fact, he was most likely responding to the polls that showed 94% of the county residents want him to resign now.

This douchebag needs to be strapped to the roof of the car his $82,000-a-year driver used, and carted off to North Korea.
Joel Giambra has managed to make Mayor Masiello look like a sympathetic figure.
by Beastfan March 03, 2005
To read this daily from Buffalo, New York, is to engage in a masochism not seen since the onset of self-flagellation.

Without question one of the worst newspapers to emerge in this country ever. Nobody ever thought it was possible to have so many pages with nothing pertinent or interesting to say. They are so typically one-sided in regard to political issues that they think nothing of endorsing a candidate without even a reasonable argument as to why.

The worst part of this rag is the "My View" column. They devoted a large space in the Opinions section to musings by the local yokels about their childhood memories of Grandma's potato salad, summer days spent in the basement with the lights off, or weekends at Uncle Wally's when he would slither into bed with cousin Mikey. However, those who have something relevant to say are relegated to a small paragraph in another area, so they can maintain space for this crap and all the former editors/employees who for some reason never go away.

They are further proof that a one-paper town is a lot like a child listening in on an adult conversation. They're only going to let you hear what they want you to hear.
The Buffalo News has to be absorbant for the amount of shit that lands on it's pages.
by Beastfan September 14, 2005
The #1 reason political ads have basically remained unchanged for several years. Each election season candidates go on TV and, in a soft, dramatic voice, tell the viewers how much they love you, and how much they love your children, and how they want a wonderful future for you, and for your children, and golly, I want to be the one to do it. And the soft music plays in the background, while we watch a montage of images of children and elderly people. Then those who are the most gullible voters sit back and think, "wow, this person really must care about me and my children. I mean, listen to the music!"

So, without any careful study of the candidates, they vote them into office, and when the now elected official starts pursuing special interest paybacks and forgetting about you and your children, the voter is stunned and outraged.

The #2 reason is voting down party lines, regardless of the qualifications of the candidate. To flippantly vote for a candidate based on party affiliation is not only wholly irresponsible, but shows blatant ignorance towards the percentage of voters who attempt to educate themselves during election years. After all, we're trying to elect the least evil candidate.
The Erie County budget disaster so outraged the community, that voters put most of the legislators back into office the next election year. Um..., now wait a minute. That sounds like voter stupidity. When we asked a voter, he said "well, I'm a Democrat, and even though he is one also and he was equally responsible for this mess, well, I just voted down the party line, you see. Plus, his commercial said he really liked me and my family."
by beastfan August 09, 2006
the greatest argument for having the wealthy sterilized.
separated at birth?? Paris Hilton and a doorknob
by beastfan August 12, 2004
A once prospering city in Western New York State that has been hopelessly reduced to a rotting, smelly, crime-ridden pile of shit; thanks in part to a Mayor with the intellect and mannerisms of Bullwinkle the Moose. He continually shrugs his shoulders in awe of his own ineptness, and keeps a stack of index cards with his standard "spin" responses to any substantive questions.
Buffalo is going nowhere but down, because no politician wants to get his/her prints on this trainwreck. If you find yourself traveling the I-90 towards Buffalo, just keep on driving.
Mathematical formula:

Mayor of Buffalo X 3 terms divided by number of jobs lost squared, subtract 54 percent in population drop, add political stupidity and corruption to an exponent of 50 = The stench that is the city of Buffalo
by beastfan August 12, 2004
A gaggle of obnoxious, cockney twats who have set back women's movements globally by 20 years. This quintet drooled forth some of the most wretched noise to come out of the British Isles since Elton John's Disney ballads.

Each adopted monickers that were supposed to be relative to their vapid personalities. Scary Spice (the most aptly-named of the five) was so known for the adjective most felt by those learning that such a lack of talent would warrant a singing contract. The other four, equally insufferable, took names along of the lines of something like "Steroid Spice" (the tomboy; yes, isn't that sexy?), "Ginger Spice" (who left for bigger and better things, like Penthouse), Twat Spice (wife of the adultering soccer player) and Bacon Spice (the fat one).

Their "Oy! I'm a girl, cor blimey! Respect me, right?!" East End dreck is as unpalatable as their effete counterparts, N-Sync. Another stirring indictment of the industry they serve.
Abu Ghraib may have used Spice Girl CD's as a method of torture, Pentagon officials said.
by Beastfan March 23, 2005

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