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31 definitions by Elle

An complimentary noun literally "pretty" (female form), which is most commonly used in reference to latinas, but does not necessarily have to be used as such.
"Hey, bonita! How's it going?"
by elle March 31, 2005
Little no-mark backstreet Manchester sandwich emporium where out-of-work wannabe models make up BLT's for £3.60 per annum. Second only in crap-jobs to McDonalds
Look at pram-face, I bet she works at Nicky's
by Elle July 22, 2003
1. The main character and his family on the extremely good cartoon show known as "Arthur". You might mistake him for a mouse at first but if you love him this much, you'll soon know he's an aardvark from the PBSkids website and the illustrations on some of the "Arthur" books by Marc Brown. So get it straight, HE ISN'T A MOUSE!

2. One of the first words of the dictionary, if not possibly the second or third, after "a" and "aa" (that is if there is the word "aa".) Sorry guys, I don't read/pay attention to the dictionary and I am not planning to soon. What kind of loser does that?? Not saying I'm not one myself...
In one episode of "Arthur", Arthur is at a Spelling Bee where he spells himself, "A-A-R-D-VARK!" with a nice, in-tune rhythem.
by elle February 11, 2005
A rugby term for clearing off members of the opposing team to get the ball safely off the ground and into a place it can be used advantageously. Very important in rugby.
We rucked over our teammate so the scrumhalf could grab the ball.
by Elle September 20, 2003
Omg....words can not describe the sexiness of this man! He is amazingly fine and the best actor EVER to be seen!!!! He's soooo gorgeous and has amazing talent. Sooooo do-able. I LOVE HIM. Voted Sexiest Man Alive TWICE! How can you argue that this man is not the definition of Breathtaking. He could have my hand in marriage any time.
Yes, Johnny Depp, of course i'll marry you!!!!
by Elle March 25, 2005
That sexy woman who tamed Johnny Depp.
Damn I wish I were her.
by Elle March 06, 2005
In support of the possibility of variation, alternatives, and options. The phrase has little to do with specific issues, and much to do with human rights as a general concept.
Free Will was given to us by God; who are we to try and take that away...
by Elle March 29, 2005