breh short for brehtherine
whats up breh ?
by jervinghk September 26, 2003
from the jamaican word bretheren (means brother, whereas sistheren, is sister)
wheres ur breh's now?
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
a word that we use in the place of "bro", "nigga", "dog", or in place of there name.
"whatupp brehhh!"

"shit greasy breh, whatup"

"datwadupp brehh"
by GreasyBoCasey. September 03, 2009
A casual term used by urban youths around the country, but mainly used by those who are from Dirty South; more specifically Durham, NC a.k.a. "The Bullcity". Mostly used to greet somebody, even females.
Person 1: "What up breh?"
Person2: "Chillin' breh."
by B.Genius October 06, 2006
Originally used by youths as a shortened version of bretherin to describe their gang/group members.

It has now been picked up by many university students, especially rahs, in an attempt to sound cool or ghetto

It is now often used in place of a name for someone who is unknown.

youth: "yo, breh lets get wasted"

rah: "yaar, yaar, thaaats like literally a mega idea. I'll jast get some more brehs involved. mate, its going to be totally messy"

youth: *sigh*
by fella999 April 30, 2009
Used to refer to a male, usually as a past tense.
"Man that breh's a dick head."
by Jason May 24, 2003
Breh is a stronger word for Brah and an even stronger word for Bro. A Breh is a godd
Yo check out that breh over their

Sup Breh
by Brehhh 69 August 02, 2008

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