(n)-a variation of bro. usually used when referring to a close friend (male). this is the highest 'rank' of friendship.

to be 'anti-breh' is to do anything that has a negative effect, no matter how little, on one of your brehs.

also used with terms such as totes and what-a-breh
stooges: dude, should we let tony know about the party?

vman: yea man, hes a totes breh!

breh1: dont start without me man!
breh2:...oh..well we kinda already did..
breh1: thats so anti-breh!
by thebreh July 10, 2008
similar to blad, used in newport area, as far as i am aware, used by 'blads' to describe one another and other males
"Sappnin Breh?"
by Sappnin Breh? December 24, 2003
good looking boy
he is a pure breh!!
by Anonymous November 04, 2003

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