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from the jamaican word bretheren (means brother, whereas sistheren, is sister)
wheres ur breh's now?
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
lockdown comes from the prisons, but is also used instead of 'grounded'
i cant come out, im on lock (down)
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
a bitch who look so delicious she fit fo any nigga; hence the term..niggalicious
Yo that bitch look so damn niggalicious id do her out back!
by Rastafari October 21, 2004
to bad mind some1, ie think bad things about them (murder etc)
hey youth, be humble dont badmin dem fi dem tings
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
to tear is to leave a place (also splurt, kick, t, etc)
oi blud im gonna tear/ im tearin
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
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