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technically meaning brother 'bretherin is used on the street between male friends
"sup my bretherin"
"yo bretherin"
by Greenday_AllDay January 10, 2006
A word used by the brother's of Tau Epsilon Phi to greet one another in passing and in greeting. Also used to announce a brother's entry into a room, house, or situation.
Greeting an individual:
"Ah bretherin Patrick, how art thou?"

A brother enters a room/house/situation:
by Lou Chorney April 18, 2008
a fellow friend or compadre, a good man
"Hello bretherins of the realm"
by poopsmagee March 08, 2005
a fellow friend or compadre
Hello bretherins of the realm!
by poopsmagee March 08, 2005
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