when a boy try to run game on a gurl wit his so called talk that is supposed to attract her.
He came up to me and tryed to give me dat breezy talk.
by Angela March 26, 2005
a rude way to address a young female. Like saying trick or hoe.
boy: look at that breezy!
boy 2: I know, she is fine!!!
by Joi June 29, 2004
1.A female that rocks what she gots.
2.A female that is confident in how she look n feels.
3.A female that knows what she wants or who she wants.
4.A female who on her grown woman but still has fun.
5.A female who young fly n flashy.
I'm a breezy.
That girl right there, oh she that breezy type.
Oh man she a breezy, ima get at that foreal
by Shantil January 03, 2008
1. A word used to insult a person, generally a woman, but not to the point of bitch. Often times is used in a playful way.

2. Someone's girlfriend
Guy: that girl's my breezy
someone: whatever breezy you know I hate you
by Blahbie March 08, 2006
A unisex word used to descrbe an easy or loose person, as if calling them a ho.
You should have been at the party friday night my homie had a breezy 4 every nigga lined up.
by J@$$$$!ck@ September 14, 2005
a bitch, whore, slut, or hoochie
Your just a punk ass Breezy
by Jeffdode May 02, 2005
a loose female; a dumb female; usually said by a female about another female; less than a brizzle
She slept with every guy in our class; what a breezy!!
by joshua February 27, 2005

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