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when a boy try to run game on a gurl wit his so called talk that is supposed to attract her.
He came up to me and tryed to give me dat breezy talk.
by Angela March 26, 2005
1. A word used to insult a person, generally a woman, but not to the point of bitch. Often times is used in a playful way.

2. Someone's girlfriend
Guy: that girl's my breezy
someone: whatever breezy you know I hate you
by Blahbie March 08, 2006
A unisex word used to descrbe an easy or loose person, as if calling them a ho.
You should have been at the party friday night my homie had a breezy 4 every nigga lined up.
by J@$$$$!ck@ September 14, 2005
1.A female that rocks what she gots.
2.A female that is confident in how she look n feels.
3.A female that knows what she wants or who she wants.
4.A female who on her grown woman but still has fun.
5.A female who young fly n flashy.
I'm a breezy.
That girl right there, oh she that breezy type.
Oh man she a breezy, ima get at that foreal
by Shantil January 03, 2008
a loose female; a dumb female; usually said by a female about another female; less than a brizzle
She slept with every guy in our class; what a breezy!!
by joshua February 27, 2005
getting really, really high.
aye b, I just got me a load of kush. lets go get breezy!
by bromeng November 30, 2008
The act of getting head from a female. Also can be termed as "dome breezy".
Bro that girl just gave me the breezy. It was so fresh.
by Kendall Drake October 28, 2008