A girl that is easy going or low maintenance.
My girlfriend Rachel is breezy.
by The PrancerJT March 28, 2009
Superficial, materialistic females from Burbank, California.

Most of them can be caught sharing syphilis with bros, their idiotic counterparts.
Those 818 breezies don't like me because I'm poor.
by Thug Jug September 19, 2008
stylish, steezy, done with gratuitous amounts of breeze
Wow! Dante's anti casper was so breezy!
by lilplop November 08, 2010
to be fly or shower. insted of being wavy now its breezy
fuck dat wave shit im breezy !
by Scrapadapz March 08, 2011
Another term for playing hard-to-get. Cool; nonchalant; easy-going.
When in the beginning stages of a dating relationship, it is important to be breezy so that you appear cool, calm, and collected instead of needy and clingy.
by klw517 February 06, 2010
A word I made up substituting the phrase "cool"
Patricia: "Hey you're cool"
Justin: "No, I'm breezy. Thanks anyways"
by JustinHufflepuff October 11, 2009
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