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Adj; a cute girl who gives sex to guys easily.
Dude that breezy last night was freaky. She nibbled my donk a donk all night. What a breezy.
by Dre Hernando April 25, 2011
Being real easy going and calm!!!
I feel so breezy today!!!!
by blaze April 14, 2005
Acting cool and aloof so the person you're talking to doesn't think you're trying too hard.
Girl 1: "I hope he doesn't think I'm retarded"
Girl 2: "Don't worry, you were fine. You were totally breezy."

Original reference is from Friends. "Hey, it's Monica. Just calling to say hi. I'm breezy."
Everyone else: "You can't say you're breezy!"
by FriendKerry June 02, 2006
when it's cold outside or something you exclaim when you are cold instead of "buuurrr!". a positive exclamation that can also be used intead of the word "cool" or "Yay!".
Man, it's breezy out tonight! I'm about to freeze to death!


I made an A on my paper! Breezy!
by caseyggg November 24, 2005
Nickname for Bryanna
I go by Breezy but my real name is Bryanna
by Breezy McNamara November 17, 2007
a rude way to address a young female. Like saying trick or hoe.
boy: look at that breezy!
boy 2: I know, she is fine!!!
by Joi June 29, 2004
To be high and horny off Ecstasy.
Dat triple stack got me breezy
by Kay Jay83 June 29, 2007