It's a cool way of saying " goodbye" and "have a nice day" at the same time. It's friendly, but you can also use it with people you dont really know.
- See you later man
- Sure, have a good one
- Yeah, you too
by moniwonka July 02, 2009
something you say to someone you don't know at all, or you don't want to know at all.
a bull shit way to avoid talking anymore.
there's no thought put into what you actually want the person to have a good one of...
customer:"thank you"
cashier:"yup, have a good one."
by daytr1pp3rr March 30, 2009
to masturbate.

"Have a good one" being an alias for "Have a good wank", or more precisely "Go f*** yourself".

It seems that some people who are store clerks are embittered by the fact that they are store clerks and seek solace in this ambiguous flippancy.
VIP: Nice suit you are wearing eh?
Clerk: Thank you sir
VIP: Could you call me a cab?
Clerk: yes sir
VIP: good bye and have a nice day
Clerk: have a good one sir
by whateverTheHeck January 21, 2011

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