getting really, really high.
aye b, I just got me a load of kush. lets go get breezy!
by bromeng November 30, 2008
The act of getting head from a female. Also can be termed as "dome breezy".
Bro that girl just gave me the breezy. It was so fresh.
by Kendall Drake October 28, 2008
adjective. an easy bitch. a hoe. a female that men use for sex.
Only reason he with her, is cause she a breezy and that's all he want.
by Lollipopchick July 10, 2008
A woman who craves sex - referring to the breeze coming from the weather system in their abnormally stretched out sexual cavities.
That breezy had sex with fifteen guys in one day and then went home to her dildo.
by eumaledictio November 26, 2005
A girl that you want to holla at but dont want her to know you want to halla at her. Comes from Mac Dre.
Ay you dumb ass breezy come over here. ima tell you now, to me you aint shit you aint gon be shit you aint nothin but a hoe ass breezy. So let a nigga know now is we gone fuck or what let a nigga know bitch. Dumb ass breezy dont waste my time. Well fuck you then bitch!
by Pyro December 28, 2004
A girl who likes to steal other peoples boyfriends and lies and spread rumors about them.
" that girl stole my boyfriend "
" she is sucha Breezy.. "
by istillwanthim01 March 14, 2009
nick name for singer chris brown.
take you down by chris brown a.k.a chris breezy
by quaysh July 10, 2008

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