nick name for singer chris brown.
take you down by chris brown a.k.a chris breezy
by quaysh July 10, 2008
1. Breezy (Breeze-E) Noun.
Derived from the the slang term "Be Easy" A Breezy is a female who is aloof. Calm, Collected, and usually down for whatever. See bad bitch

2. Breezi (Breeze-E) Verb.
Often confused with Breezy, people call hoes and busts bust down Breezii as their own deduction of the correct term "Be Easy"

1. Breezy
Noun. A nickname based on the person. Internal qualities.

Rell: "You know her?"
Jay: "Who?"
Rell: "Light skinned Breezy. She seem cooh az hells."

2. Breezii
Verb. Nickname based on a persons actions. What they do.

Chris: "I smashed Chanketa last night."
Antwon: "Who?"
Chris: "Brown skinned shorty with the phatty."
Antwon: "So, nigga everybody smashed that, she a Breezii."

Changing the ending, can change the definition

ex. A 3 can turn ho or hoe - a bust down. Into ho3 - a bad bitch. Someone to be reckoned with.

ex. An A can turn nigger- A killing word. Into nigga- your homeboi.
by Gutta Ground Mami August 06, 2006
1. A girl who is very confident with her sexuality.

2. A girl who will come and go as she pleases; regardless of how nice or dick-headed you think you are.

3. A flirtatious individual.
1. I don't have any idea what she wants from me, she must be a breezy.

2. You're such a breezy, let's go to my house and do the dirty. No? Ok then, I'll buy you a drink.

3. Stop being such a breezy, I'm ready to go and need no further sexual inspiration.

by theutopianking August 10, 2007
an extremley beautiful girl

sexy legs
checkout the shassie on that breezy

baby walkin like breezy
by teddyK September 19, 2003
a bitch to get drunk with
lets get some breezys up in here
by kilmster July 10, 2008
a female that deserves to be slapped
finding out your girl is pregnant and its not yours
by Jim April 10, 2003
A female that's easy or sleeps around a lot.
You'd better check your man cuz that breezy's all up on him.
by gloria October 19, 2002
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