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Located near Toronto and belonging to the GTA, Brampton is a highly misjudged city. It's growth in South Asian residents has resulted through older permanent bringing over their relatives to provide a better life for them here in Canada than back home. There also many international students who find housing in Brampton to go to school at Sheridan College. The majority of the city IS of South Asian decent, but the city is still one of the most multicultural cities in the GTA.

It has bred several athletes and celebrities including Russell Peters, Michael Cera, Tyler Seguin, Rick Nash, Anthony Bennett, Tristan Thompson, Danny Fernandes, Shawn Desman, Spitfire, D-Pryde, 4YallEnt, Cassie Campbell, Alyssa Reid, Director X and Keyshia Cole.

I'll admit, certain places can smell like Indian food. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT IF IT'S AN INDIAN RESTAURANT. That's like saying Italian restaurants shouldn't smell like Italian food or Chinese restaurants shouldn't smell like Chinese food. Makes no sense.

It's the 9th largest city by population in Brampton and growing, has well over 20 high schools all over the region, and several sub-communities such as Bramalea and Springdale.

There are too many posts here and in general that have racial comments against Brampton. The world has more than one culture/race/religion, accept it and move on.

B's UP.
Person #1: Hey what city are you from?
Person #2: I'm from Brampton man.
Person #1: Yeah how's that like?
Person #2: It's alright man I mean you'll always be able to find someone like you, it's pretty diverse.
Person #1: Sounds cool.
by Rhymes November 15, 2013
City near the greater toronto area. Notorious for tons of paki's and sand coons, camel jockey's, towel heads, and the odd niglet. They all think they're black. But they're not.
Brampton is the worst place to live.
by dubc44 April 14, 2009

A tiny, miniscule male genital organ...

A type of male copulatory organ handled with magnifying glass and tweezers..

An unpleasant surprise and encounter for a lady in the throws of passion

tiny phallus, small dick, macaroni dick
"And then I realised he had a brampton! Didn't know what to do... Or what it was good for!"
by jean-claude March 18, 2013
a huge crap.
Dude, I just took a huge brampton.
I just took a trip to the brampton.
by Caustic June 23, 2003
A heavy, nasty fart that smells like death. The worst kind of fart there is, not just sound-wise but also produces a smell that requires a priest to get rid of. May also leave skid marks or be accompanied by a large crap.
Man, I have to go drop a brampton!

Did someone just squeeze out a brampton?

Fuck it stinks, did you drop a brampton?

Dude, did you inject a brampton into my car seats?

Shit bitch, I've been dropping bramptons all afternoon, somebody call a priest!

I was hoping it would be silent and nobody would notice, but it was a full brampton!
by Nigel_q November 19, 2007
City of Toronto,Ontario..a.k.a B-town (Boston Can Suck ****) B-Town popular for their hockey players..Rick Nash..Rick Nash..and..Rick Nash
Yo B-town is krazy..but Rexdale is betta :D
by Brampton Guy January 07, 2005
1. A City located in the Greater Toronto Area, mostly populated by towel heads, suicide bombers, and the occasional niglet.

2. Come to Brampton to ride a camel.
Hassan: Do you know where Brampton is?
Kapir: Yea, it's that city near Toronto, they have good curry.
by Mister Todd August 08, 2010
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