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Slang for "oh really?" or "are you serious?"
-I am moving out to the country
-Oh word?

-I would never kiss a fat chick
-Oh word?
by dameUnBesssso June 28, 2010
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Expression of satisfaction when something good happens
That nigga's got a four foot bong, oh word!
by T Spincrack June 27, 2006
typically used sarcastically when being presented with the same information multiple times.
Guy 1: Remember that time I yelled "Kobe" and scored from the corner on a buzzer beating 3 pointer?
Guy2: Oh word? Not like I heard this story 70 times.
by cheeekkyyy December 02, 2014
Expression of something you like and/or think is cool, attractive, or sweet
The Bills just won the superbowl, Oh word!!!!!
by DJ D Rad October 27, 2009

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