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A negative term used to describe someone.
He's a fucking cockass!!
by Caustic August 29, 2003
Not quite a skank, not quite a cunt - skunt.
That chick is a total skunt.
by Caustic June 23, 2003
The assfucktwins from the movie "orgasmo" are the origination (they get fucked in the ass, hence the name). Used as a insult towards someone.
Man, that guys an assfucktwin.
by Caustic August 29, 2003
When you take a date to the movie theater, get popcorn at the snack bar, cut a hole in the bottom of it, and stick your dick through the hole. This way, when she goes to get some popcorn, instead she gets your salt covered penis.
I took that skank Tammy to see 'Titanic' and then gave her the Salty Dog!
by CaustiC July 08, 2005
a huge crap.
Dude, I just took a huge brampton.
I just took a trip to the brampton.
by Caustic June 23, 2003

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