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not to be mistaken for bowers
a Bower is a person who is awesome at everything and knows it. they are in many ways almost perfect. they are exceptional only at sport that are different or extreme sports. everyone wants to be a bower but not every one is the best thing u can do is hang around one. they have this ora around them that makes you happy and laugh when ever you are around them. they are AWESOME
hey lets go to the bower's is awesome there

hey ur good at that u must be a bower

only a bower would b able to do that
by goodie licker April 03, 2009
A style of business managment defined by lack of leadership skills, and general malaise when it comes to making a decision for a group of coworkers. Someone who "bowers" was usually promoted to a level of leadership for reasons other than their leadership skills.
"Man, i thought that new guy we brought on was spot on, but he bowered that new laptop proposal."
by monkey hate November 29, 2004
It is an incredibly stupid woman who believes she is much smarter than she really is.
That bower can't do anything right.
by Miguel VIII October 27, 2010
Bower = Bath + shower. To take a soapy bath for cleaning, followed by a water-only shower for rinsing.
As long as you have something productive to do while the bath runs, the bower is actually faster than a regular shower -- if you want it to be.

The bath gets you clean very quickly, much faster than a shower, because you don't have to take all that time "soaping up". You also use less soap, and need to rinse less, so it is less drying for your skin.

by Shelly Bozdog June 25, 2006


Bower gots hoes like Ludacris.
by Mike M. April 03, 2003
The ring of fecal material around the toilet bowl above the water line that had been shot out of an asshole at a high velocity (often accompanied by diarrhea).
I bet that hot, wet shit I just took created a bowers.
by Urinal Cake January 02, 2008
Somebody acting extremely stupid, using retarded voices and behaving like an unethical reject.
The boys were drawing attention to themselves by acting like complete bowers, and annoying everyone.
by C.C.J. August 20, 2007