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1. Someone who is entirely against the consumption of clitoris, fish, pussy, snatch, and other species of vagina.

2. Someone who is completely for the consumption of cock.

3. A homosexual male or a strictly straight woman.

4. See Clarb.
Serenity: "Want half of my tuna sandwich?"
Chris: "No thanks, I'm an AntiVagitarian."

Nasty Prostitute: "Want some pussy?"
Polite Gentlemen: "No thank you, I've just become an AntiVagitarian."
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim August 15, 2009
1:A person that is more likely to play with themselves than others.

2:A person that tries and fails at intercourse at a regular bases.

3:See Shim
Allen: I asked her to fuck but she said she was moving to Africa.
Emoly: Wow your really accident prone...

Jessica: I think i'm pregnant.
Chris: If you weren't so abstinence prone i would believe that...
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim August 17, 2009
1. A faggot who listens to house as well as shitty 90's metal.

2. A gay shim that is most commonly employed by ice cream establishments like Braums.

3. Any homosexual in possession of a Jeep.
Caleb: "Penis."
Chris: "What?"
Caleb: "I thought we were playing a game."
Chris: "You obviously misunderstood the game Clarb."

Mikka: "HAYYYY guys. You want some ice cream?"
Joey: "No thanks Clarb, I'm straight."
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim August 14, 2009
1. The illegitimate spawn of Tina Fey and Albert Einstein. Often used as a last name or derogatory term describing a person as such.

2. The cross between a science class and an incestuous hillbilly hoe down.

3. A reverse cougar displaying all the above qualities.

Stephen: What did you think of her?
Dylan: I'm not feeling it. She's a total bowers.

Deborah: Did you catch that party last night?
Tina: Didn't go. Heard it was a bowers rerun anyway.
Deborah: That's what you ask for when you mix drinks in a barn yard.


Chris: Look out! Bowers alert!
Eric: Relax, we way too young. I'd warn your dad though.
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim February 06, 2010
Commonly used word for small penis originating in northern Texas.

A person with a small dick.
Person A: "My dick is 1.5 inches hard."
Person B: "You're such a shim."

Person A: "What's the difference between a mosquito and a shim?"
Person B: "You can feel a mosquito when it's in you."
by Chris.Plum.Sen.Nim August 12, 2009
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