"lets bounce" to go somewhere.

sam. lets bounce dave,
dave. ok babe.
come on guys lets bounce
by dave fenton October 27, 2006
term used for running like an idiot with no coordination what so ever. mostly used for people with the name sal kailey and matt.
hey guys, lets bounce over there to they uglass.
by sally matthew landgren March 23, 2011
In Magic: the Gathering when an opponent returns a creature back to a player's hand (usually in the form of Boomerang or a similar card), used as a verb.
"I'm gonna bounce your Lord of the Pit and then attack with my Raging Goblins just to piss you off."
by aSyntaxError May 24, 2009
A small amount of money, generally less than £10
1) Shit lash us some bounce
2) I've got fuck all, only bounce
by sam_cot April 29, 2008
-To take off

-To leave a specific area
1.)Lets bounce out the cut homie.

2.)This puto better bounce the hell out before we put him in check.

3.)Dang it, Skyler! You need to bounce out of my house
by Jimmylocs February 14, 2006
1) an expression, or perhaps more appropriately, action of excitement, happiness, joy, etc. This interpretation is usually favored when asterisks are placed on either side of the term, i.e., *bounces*.

2) without the asterisks, bounce usually refers to the act of leaving.
1) I got the job! *bounces!*

2) I'm bored. Let's bounce.
by wandersfar January 31, 2006
to leave a place/and or situation.
yo mah bitch is raggin i gotta bounce
by mm_smack March 23, 2005

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