To depart a location/ situation shortly after ariving the way a ball bounces and does not stay long on the ground .
I hate this party, let's bounce.
by Profeser October 15, 2012
To have sexual relations with someone else, usually casually. Bouncing with someone implies reaching home base. More polite than "fuck," about the same level as "bang" or "screw."
"Dude, last night I bounced this random chick I met at a party. Turns out she's my brother's girlfriend. I'm in such deep shit."

"Did you end up bouncing that hot guy you were hanging on all last night?"

"You're pretty hot. Let's bounce."

"Hey baby, you can bounce on my pogo stick anytime!"
by badromance1572 December 06, 2009
1. To leave somewhere
2. To go somewhere
1. This party's draggin lets bounce.
2. Lets bounce on over to ......
by d August 28, 2003
An unspecified act of physical violence against a person, usually threatened by old men wearing sandals with socks.
"I'm gonna bounce you, sonny!"
by Quick, More Burning Oil April 18, 2010
not being in a relationship, instead having short encounters with several people
Jules: "Have you been single since then?"
Adam: "Of course not, I've bounced for a while."
by akronym87 April 23, 2008
1) (v) To leave, to get up, to break. "You mean bounce... I'm with you, bounce right outta NYC" -- Raekwon the Chef (??? 1995).
2) (n) Form of music from New Orleans. Check Mystikal's album for a song called "Neva gonna bounce".
3) (n) A reference to the Bankhead Bounce, a dance made famous in Atlanta rap music.
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003
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