to give a member or members of the opposite sex a damn good shag
i would'nt mind giving you a bounce.
by johny cum lately March 09, 2005
The act of a body impacting and (bounceing) off the ground after failing to open either parachute.
J1>That guy just bounced in the fucking parking lot and hit my car.
J2> Dude, Thats BEER!!
by Sonic4c February 05, 2009
to leave and go do something better, go somewhere else.
Lets bounce outta here.
by Sabrina Roybal June 13, 2008
A modern version of the antiquated term dig, the ever-popular gotcha, that's hardcore or even "you know datright"...all in one.

Often said with a slow nodding of the head in approval.
Someone says ..."I told him what he could do with his stupid idea. Ya know what I'm sayin?"


Nuff said
by Diesel Weasel January 27, 2008
To Leave.
Man let's Bounce.
by Wud_e July 05, 2002
to have an email message returned because the intended recipient's mailbox is full, his server is down, or other glitch.
I've been trying to add you to the mailing list using the address you gave me, but the emails keep bouncing.
by Mandingoe July 14, 2004
to leave
i'ma bounce, i gotta get home
by drug whore August 28, 2003

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