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1. (Adj.) a very boring situation

2. a word that now rhymes with Orange.
" Dude , I'm glad that church service is over because the pastors sermon was so borange!"
by Dr. loone' February 03, 2010
1.adj. the colour of vomit.
i owned a few borange shirts in the eighties.
by jeff January 12, 2005
1.(a.)past its 'use-by' or 'best-before' date, but still of value or interest to someone; declining in quality and/or use, but remaining sentimentally valued; becoming useless, low quality, undesireable, distasteful, unattractive.
2. (v.t.)to decline in usefulness, quality, desire, taste, attractiveness.
3. (n.)nearly worthless thing.
4. (int.) expression of mild disapproval or being affronted.
1. Nanna always headed straight for the section of the supermarket where she could pick up some borange bargains.
2. Nanna was boranging more rapidly with each shandy she drank.
3. She realised, when she looked closely, that the cucumber was a borange.
4. Oh, borange, that tastes a bit off!
by AliGB January 11, 2005
Originally derived from Boring people from Orange
ie He's a borange. Now means anything utterly boring,useless or crap. Note:To call someone from Orange a borange is a double negative.
by Dee(been to Orange) January 11, 2005
The act of stealing police tape, "slippery floor" signs, police cones, cherry pickers, and any other mundane object with amusement value.
After Ross' borange spree, his house now looks like a bmx bandit murder site, with supposedly freshly cleaned floor surfaces.
by The Penetrator January 06, 2005
Originally discovered in 1844, borange is the term given to coloured particles that naturally occur in fecies.
"Sorry madam", said the doctor to the mother, "but little Timmy's borange levels are dangerously elevated; particularly indicative of a diet concisting of too much corn."
by Jeremy January 05, 2005
1. (Adjective) conveys a meaning of worthlessness or inferiority (similar meaning to rubbish or excrement).
2. (Noun, non-count) synonymous with rubbish or excrement

History: 'borange' was created as a rhyming word for ‘orange’ (although being an adjective/non-count noun there is still no rhyme for ‘oranges’).

Similar attempts have failed, such as Witchiepoo’s attempt with the word ‘poranges’ in the late 70s show, HR Puffinstuff:

“Oranges, poranges,
Who says?
Oranges, poranges,
Who says?
Oranges, poranges,
Who says?
There ain't no rhyme for oranges!”
1. My best friend went to Paris, and all I got was this borange t-shirt.
2. The streets of old London Town were littered with myriad forms of borange...
by Rick B. January 04, 2005
The only word in the universe that rhymes with "orange". Duh.
Borange rhymes with orange. It's a borange dumbass.
by Griselda Foodlesquink February 22, 2006