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1 definition by Nurton

Borange is simply a drink. Served in a pint glass to the most drunk person at a party it consists of half a pint of real ale 'B'eer and half a pint of 'ORANGE' juice.
Borange is famous for its ability to induce poetic tendencies into drinkers of the magical mixture. For example from June 2005:

Ode to Borange-Stuart Hall following William Wordsworth-For Katalie

I wandered drunken as a clown
That bloats on pies then feels pale and ill,
When all at once I saw a frown,
My host, and my 'Borange'-spills;
Beside the cake, beneath the peas,
That terrible drink that made me queeze(y)

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In hungover or in vomiting mood
It flashs on my pounding mind
Which is the piss of Boritude*
And then my toilet with Borange fills
And I wish I had eaten some Daffodils (instead)

Note: Boritude is not a word to the best of this author's knowledge...sorry
by Nurton September 04, 2005