to be freaking bored and orange at the same time.
FRANK: GAHH, Dude im so effin borange.
Mc heiman: Dude thats like not cool.
by Alexia Stephens January 24, 2008
Borange is simply a drink. Served in a pint glass to the most drunk person at a party it consists of half a pint of real ale 'B'eer and half a pint of 'ORANGE' juice.
Borange is famous for its ability to induce poetic tendencies into drinkers of the magical mixture. For example from June 2005:

Ode to Borange-Stuart Hall following William Wordsworth-For Katalie

I wandered drunken as a clown
That bloats on pies then feels pale and ill,
When all at once I saw a frown,
My host, and my 'Borange'-spills;
Beside the cake, beneath the peas,
That terrible drink that made me queeze(y)

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In hungover or in vomiting mood
It flashs on my pounding mind
Which is the piss of Boritude*
And then my toilet with Borange fills
And I wish I had eaten some Daffodils (instead)

Note: Boritude is not a word to the best of this author's knowledge...sorry
by Nurton September 04, 2005
the only word on the planet that rhymes with orange. Perfect to use in one of those rhyming challenge games
"A word that rhymes with orange?"
"Borange! Shame I got you on that one!"
by Beige July 18, 2005
borange is a state a person can become when they go on holiday and gets soo tanned the go, beyond orange. they also tend to look like an umpa-lumpa, as they too are borange.
Div "OMG, shes bloody orange"
la la "hahahaha, no way man she's beyond orange. she's fucking BORANGE"
by la la January 31, 2005
1.adj. the colour of vomit.
i owned a few borange shirts in the eighties.
by jeff January 12, 2005
1.(a.)past its 'use-by' or 'best-before' date, but still of value or interest to someone; declining in quality and/or use, but remaining sentimentally valued; becoming useless, low quality, undesireable, distasteful, unattractive.
2. (v.t.)to decline in usefulness, quality, desire, taste, attractiveness.
3. (n.)nearly worthless thing.
4. (int.) expression of mild disapproval or being affronted.
1. Nanna always headed straight for the section of the supermarket where she could pick up some borange bargains.
2. Nanna was boranging more rapidly with each shandy she drank.
3. She realised, when she looked closely, that the cucumber was a borange.
4. Oh, borange, that tastes a bit off!
by AliGB January 11, 2005
Originally derived from Boring people from Orange
ie He's a borange. Now means anything utterly boring,useless or crap. Note:To call someone from Orange a borange is a double negative.
by Dee(been to Orange) January 11, 2005

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