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Slang from Oakville, Ont.
Shitty deal.
That was so chate, that guy just ripped me off.
by Graeme July 01, 2004
The worlds greatest drummer in my opinion. I love his unique stlye. He is the Iron Maiden drummer.
Nicko McBrain, what a drummer!
by Graeme October 15, 2003
a scally,its a mentality not a fashion,ya fuckin nob heads
"i think the streets are fantastic"fuck off you joker
by graeme August 02, 2004
a guy's casual sex or pleasure partner, like the one on the side
yeh c tht gal she's my ho
by Graeme March 25, 2004
The cold side of a pillow.
Every night before I go to sleep I always make sure to find the borange.
by Graeme June 14, 2004
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