The act of stealing police tape, "slippery floor" signs, police cones, cherry pickers, and any other mundane object with amusement value.
After Ross' borange spree, his house now looks like a bmx bandit murder site, with supposedly freshly cleaned floor surfaces.
by The Penetrator January 06, 2005
1. (Adjective) conveys a meaning of worthlessness or inferiority (similar meaning to rubbish or excrement).
2. (Noun, non-count) synonymous with rubbish or excrement

History: 'borange' was created as a rhyming word for ‘orange’ (although being an adjective/non-count noun there is still no rhyme for ‘oranges’).

Similar attempts have failed, such as Witchiepoo’s attempt with the word ‘poranges’ in the late 70s show, HR Puffinstuff:

“Oranges, poranges,
Who says?
Oranges, poranges,
Who says?
Oranges, poranges,
Who says?
There ain't no rhyme for oranges!”
1. My best friend went to Paris, and all I got was this borange t-shirt.
2. The streets of old London Town were littered with myriad forms of borange...
by Rick B. January 04, 2005
The only word in the universe that rhymes with "orange". Duh.
Borange rhymes with orange. It's a borange dumbass.
by Griselda Foodlesquink February 22, 2006
As far as I can tell its a word that was made up so there was a rhyming word with orange. To tell you the truth I think the spelling should be a little more than orange with a b on the front.. maybe BHorange or BoHrange or something? ie have a silent letter just to make it seem all the more kewl/wanky :)
There once was a man who was not down or blue.
He didn't like to swear, use shit or poo.
His favourite food was duck ala orange.
When he swore he would just say Bhorange.
by Alan January 06, 2005
Borange, the term used to describe a crusty old lady
aww! check out THAT borange
by Alex January 06, 2005
The name of a song (sung prior to 1015AD) a Hebrew mother sings to her doaughter before the daughters wedding night.
The borange sung was emotional, deep with slight humuor and zest
by Michael January 06, 2005
Originally discovered in 1844, borange is the term given to coloured particles that naturally occur in fecies.
"Sorry madam", said the doctor to the mother, "but little Timmy's borange levels are dangerously elevated; particularly indicative of a diet concisting of too much corn."
by Jeremy January 05, 2005
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