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That one girl that fulfills all your needs in life. She is usually a party animal, but can also be serious when the time comes. She loves the company of her friends and they enjoy her presence.
Dude1: "WHOAH check her out"

Dude2: "DAYUUUUUM, i see her. She must be one of those

by Schubi March 01, 2010
111 29
1. n. Grandmother.
2. adj. Anything that is appropriate for grandmothers, eg early sessions. Also, anything similarly suitable for old people rather than young people.
A: "Are you going to the midnight session of the fireworks this New Year's Eve?"
B: "Nah, I'm baby sitting so it's the nanna fireworks for me."
by Matti! Matti! Matti! November 29, 2010
12 21
Grand Ma. Your Mother or father's mother. An old woman
"that nanna has floppy tits"
by Foyf January 22, 2003
72 92
Female christian name commonly found in Denmark
"what do you think of Nanna?"
"She's well sexy .... and such perky tits"
by see - mun July 28, 2003
61 89
An overly obese human being who is a racist. A Nanna is most easily identified by its many chins, reaction to IBS pain, or its extremely small penis.
that fat kid in the Nazi uniform is obviously a Nanna, just look at all those chins!
by DavidsaysHello November 14, 2010
17 54
an abbreviation of the word bananas. most commonly used in the term of a dildo, mainly black.
rory:yo mike shove them nannas up my ass.
mike: yo sure, in a minute
by afar ramamba April 06, 2007
10 75
The sitcom term for "Grandma" said in at least half a dozen sitcoms since it was used on the humorless yuppie favorite show Seinfled showing what lemmings yuppies are, and sitcom writers.
You're Nanna really knows how to suck all the fudge off the banana. She is a real sweet tooth treat!
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
13 90