A little known Karma Sutra position originating the the Assai region of India requiring the dislocation of the females left shoulder to provide extra stimulation for the mans ealobe. This position enables the Kundalini to flow through the three gates (energy points) reaching it's highest potential allowing for an explosive orgasm
That Swami really knows how to Borange

I think we'll really need a towel if we are going to borange
by James January 11, 2005
1 The ancient history of the word borange is quite a tale. first used by the vikings in the latter part of the 13th century, borange, in their strange furry world, was used to refer to the common cold. 2 it was then forgotten through the ages until early 18th century when it resurfaced with king graham of monaco, who used the word to describe the act of chasing nomad chickens from the royal court.
1 ie - chief nantuck has the borange.
2 ie - ahh i must borange these here chickens before dinner time
by franz January 04, 2005
someone who is obsessed with chocolate.
Henna is a borange, and she screams with joy whenever someone says chocolate.
by nicole chloe roberts February 28, 2005
Borange head! Used as insult; Dick head, ass head, knob head.
Well ill be! If that horse isnt the most Borange horse ive ever seen. It could'nt hold up a hard on to save itself! Borange horse, horse is no good, lame, garbage.
Jesus! Chech out that ugly bitch with the borange ass!
Its not just the ass thats Borange, the face is a damn disgrace!(followed by laughter)
by Gus January 19, 2005
as in the southpark "marklar" episode, borange is anything you want it to be... "hello borange, we went to borange bay and went borange...."
" lick your borange you stupid borange!"

im going to borange on the weekend"

i like your new borange, it goes well with your borange
by ben January 11, 2005
Description of stool after a heavy night of indian curry. Particularly pungent and runny. Contraction of Bog + Orange.
"Its time to let fly the borange"
by Mandraek January 04, 2005
A nasty stretch in a yoga class. I just wanted to say: "In my yoga classes in 2005 I will endeavour to introduce it amongst the Sanskrit and weird things I teach people."
"Oooh! That Upavista Konasana is a bit borange, isn't it! Keep breathing..."
by Ruth January 06, 2005

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