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When you are fucking a girl in the ass and she clenches her cheeks together and you can't get your dick out.
Female:"I got you in a booty-trap"
#butt #booty #beast #frog #albert
by Andrew Sanchez January 30, 2008
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Similar to a booby-trap in the regards of trapping a person and leaving them debilitated. But a booty-trap is the same concept but the prey is unsuspecting women who u have chosen to Mate with and share DNA.
Steve -"Theres no way this bootytrap is going to work paul"

Paul-" The bootytrap never fails"
#booty #vagina #sex #fornication #boobytrap
by randy Farris March 20, 2011
the act of getting in serious trouble due to a booty that dose not pertain to you.

your girlfriend's best friend calls you wanting to grab some coffee wile your girl is in yoga class = booty trap

your at a bar with your girlfriend and she sees another girl and u making eye contact = booty trap

"jill called me on 3way and my wife was on the other line...booty trap"

"my girl found a pair of panties in my back seat with initials on the waistband but they werent hers ....booty trap"
#booty #trap #booty trap #ass #caught
by Enrique Salermo February 03, 2009
(n) Underwear/panties strategically left/hidden at your place the morning following a one night stand.
I looked under my bed and found a booty trap from the rando that came home with me last night.
#panties #underwear #thong #bloomers #chonies
by ElMustachio June 12, 2014
The booty trap is when a female uses sex to make you commit to being in a relationship. She will have sex with you then randomly cut you off so your lust for sex makes you want to agree to be in a relationship
@AyeTeddyP "Me and Tiffany was having sex for 3 weeks then she just cut me off"
@DrPhilBlunts "Do you know why?"
@AyeTeddyP "She said she didn't want to just be friends with benefits no more"
@DrPhilBlunts "Damn sound like she put you in the booty trap son"
#booty #trap #ass #pussy #trick #relationship #girlfriend #boyfriend
by @DrPhilBlunts March 08, 2014
When a female is assterrific, and a little thickalicious, and has a behind that acts as a lure, the man being the booty bait, when finally he falls for it.
friend: how come you never come out with the guys anymore
dude: she's got me in her booty-trap
#booty #trap #bait #assterrific #thickalicious
by banda January 29, 2008
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