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Wireless providers plan to deploy Bluetooth gaming devices.
by Anonymous April 17, 2005
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1. To get destroyed.

2. To get messed up really bad.

3. To send off.

1. For example when someone snowboarding goes off a jump or just in general falls on their face and crashes huge. And you witness and then you yell, "DEPLOY!"

An other example would be when you're the passenger of a car and the driver almost hits the curve, you yell "DEPLOY!"

(These are just yelled with nothing too special.)

2. For example after you have packed a bowl and knock it over, you would then say, "deploy"

(This is said in a medium tone and when you get to the "oy" part is starts to trail off like--> DEplooyyyyy.......)

3. This would be a case when you would also say deploy, when you're about to plummet, or drop in. So just before you go you'd say, "deploy"

(This is said short and punctional.)
by Jeseus H. Christ April 09, 2006
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to set off from.
that man deployed his hot man chowder all over russells face
by cravin morehead August 21, 2003
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