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An expression that's short for:

1. I got your back.
2. I got you covered.
2. I got you protected.
After all of what you did for me. Don't worry, I got you.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 05, 2006
i feel you, i understand...
that's wack nigga, i got you.....
by jhene November 03, 2003
i support you, I'm here for you
Man I'm short on money, I can't go

Response: Man I got you
by Sassy S August 10, 2005
1. cover someone

2. I understand you

3. I can handle you
1. at a Restaurant: person 1"I'll pay." person 2:"No, I got you"

2. "you know what I mean?" person 2 "Yea, I got you"

3. "You think you can beat me huh?" person 2: " I got you"
by T_dawgg December 06, 2012
1. May refer to having someone's back.
2. When someone pisses you off in some way. When someone does something that goes against you.
1. Eric: Baby I got you.

Teresa: Promise?

2. Eric: Hey
* 20 minutes later *

Eric: Hello?
* An hour later *

Eric: I got you. Be like that.
by ;)Lovesick June 30, 2011
For a person to financially take care of the situation that one is in
(Lady) Damn....things are a little hard for me this month
(Man) Don't worry about no bills....I got you.

(1st Lady) Let's go to a club...
(2nd Lady) My money is funny, I can't
(1st lady) Don't worry about it...I got you
by Kitt Katt October 03, 2006
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