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a random person or thing
jane: how was the party last night?
john: ah, pretty good but there were a bunch of randos there.
by Sueno Swingers July 09, 2003
That which is random. Generally used in reference to people.
I thought this party was invitation only...what the hell are all these randos doing here?

I was going to ask Peyton to come to the concert with me, but she already has plans. So now I have to take some fucking rando, like John.
#rando #randos #random #randoms #random people
by DS* February 26, 2006
an unpredictable, awkward and often creepy individual. a rando is always there in the background, even though no one invited him. Randos tend to be isolated within large groups; they sit in corners and lurk in the shadows of others. Even though everyone is aware of the presence of a rando, no one knows anything about him or her and therefore randos are often unwittingly ignored.
Example 1)

Beno: Where the hell is Jordo?!? I've looked everywhere for him!
Michael: I saw him sleeping in a deserted room. There were no windows, beds or pictures. He was nuzzled in a corner where no one could see him. What a rando!

Example 2)

Tuck: Who's that creeper sitting by himself in the back of Night and Day Cafe at 2:30 in the morning, watching Walter and Perry on his iphone?
Ben: It's JV! What a rando!
#creepy #creeper #random #gravy #jv #ruprecht #pewwy
by golden snitch July 17, 2009
A bunch of random people.
Who the hell are these randos?
#a #bunch #of #random #people #randos #not hanging with
by Tyler Paark December 18, 2010
1. A random person; an unknown person.

2. A stranger, especially a man, who is used for gratuitous sex.
"Why is that rando staring at my ass?"

"What did you do last night?" ... "Went to the bar and took home a rando."
#hookup #booty call #boyfriend #girlfriend #fuckbuddy
by not deej December 11, 2005
a shorter word for random. Used mainly to describe something excessively random like situations on family guy or situations in life that are "outta left field"
Tim: Remember when we all were at John's place last week

Mike: Yea

Tim: It was way too rando that his roomy Ted came out the shower with no towel on

Mike: I totally agree
#random #odd #wierd #unplanned #casual
by LloydBanks1636 December 12, 2009
Is the nickname of Randy. Usually means he is to cool to be called by his real name.

"Hey Randy, See that game last night?"

"Dude, it's Rando"
#nickname #cool #randy #randall #guy
by ByDeeBeach April 07, 2009
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