1)To Boon: The act of curling one out the morning after a hot curry. Produces that ring of fire sensation we all know and love.

2)Boon: The monster shit the morning after a curry. Otherwise known as a curry turd
'I baned something cronic this morning'

'Chris' Boon stank out the entire house'
by zerostar88 October 25, 2007
A person that is very 1337. This word originated from the word
"newbie" witch then turned into "noob" and noob spelled backwards is boon witch is the opposite of noob.
"OMG DID YOU SEE THAT HEADSHOT he is such a boon!!!!"
by TD & NL September 16, 2007
Boon- Besides spelling noob backwards boon has recently become a popular word in gay communities becasue of its newfound meaning. Boon has recently been used in the gay community to refer to a sex act. One in which a man stands up while a partner sits under him. The partner sitting on the bottom then proceeds to sexually please his standing partner by reaching his hand through the partners leg and stimulating the standing partners genetalia. While the partner on the bottom sexually pleases the standing partner he also uses his position sitting under the standing partner and his tongue to stimulate the anal cavity of the standing partner. These two cactions combined causes the standing partner to experience the maximum level of sexual pleasure. The partners then may switch places.
Last night after I picked John up in the bar I took him home and we took turns booning each other all night.
by A. Coleridge Tappin April 04, 2006
A person of Maori of Pacific Island descent.
I worked with this boon called Iafeta, he came from South Auckland.
by Manu Vatuvei October 10, 2005
sean is boon. that's his new name.
random: "BOON!"
BOON: "huh?"
random: "BOON!"
by lsefjlsfdsdf May 09, 2005
It means fit. Hot, a fit girl. A fit boy. A fit oldie.

'That girl is boons yeah blud talk to da
hand coz dat girl is so flyyy'
by I.Iz.So.Damn.Tytee August 18, 2008
1). A person that sucks at life and pretty much everyting else.

2). An Object of extreme dislike, or extreme awesomeness.

~ "Boon" can be used in many ways. For example, just plain, boon, booning, booner, and many more. Such as, booned, boonified, or, boonificated.

~ Many people tend to believe that "Boon" is just a common re-word of the more popular internet term "nooB", but on the contary, "Boon" was actually in the book, way back when cavement invented the first video games with puppets made out of feces, bones, sticks, and other materials, which were then used to re-inact ideas that the cave people thought up in their primative brains.

~ The act of "Booning" is actualy what is believed by christians from the bible to have brought the immaginary being "Jesus Christ" into existence when Mother Mary was "Booned in the Booner" By an angel.
Man you are such a boon..
im going to boon you in the rectum!
look at that boon!
lets go boon killing!
Im going to boon her face off tonight!
What the BOON man, what the boon.
DUDE look at that MASSIVE BOON!
I Hate Boons..

I just Booned that Boon in the Booning Booner mother Booner. BOON YEAH!

by Nathandavidandalex June 19, 2008

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