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Universal name for a hotel maid.
"We need more towels. Call Consuela!"
by GreenMonter July 18, 2005
(1) A preppy female, quintessentialized at St. Lawrence University. The Muffy can be spotted with her Vera Bradley bag, coordinating accessories, and her upturned collar.

(2) The female partner of the Larry.
Sarah is so muffy, she dresses wicked well, and her Nalgene always matches her monogrammed tote.
by GreenMonter March 31, 2005
A man or woman with many chins.
Damn, she's Jabba the Hut. She has no neck!
by GreenMonter March 25, 2005
(1.) Groups of first year college students that stay together.

(2.) A sexually transmitted disease that one develops by fornicating with freshmen.
(1.) Fuck, there are no tables left because frosh clumps invaded the dining hall.

(2.) Eww, you should get those frosh clumps checked out before they spreak to your junk.
by GreenMonter March 25, 2005
1. One who commits a tortious act (a civil wrong).
2. A name law students call each other because they're dorks.
3. See www.tortfeasor.com
Steve: Hey Dan, how was your weekend?
Dan: Amazing, I got an A in Property Law.
Steve: You fucking tortfeasor.
<snorts of laughter>
by GreenMonter September 19, 2005
A chair on which a cunt sits.
Corey: That shaniqua got attitude, and needs to just get up off her cunt stool. Okaaay?
by GreenMonter March 25, 2005
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): schai·vo; schai·vo·ed;

1: To incapacitate someone.
2: To deprived of food and/or water.
1: Don't mess with me, dude. I'll schaivo you.
2: Pull over. I'm schavoed.
3: Dude, she's schaivoed.
by GreenMonter April 15, 2005

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