Someone who acts goofy or awkward, especially in social situations while consuming drugs or alcohol; aka party fouls; also could be a term of endearment, though demeaning; goober.
"Dude you just broke that shot glass... ya BOOF!"

"omg I was acting so boofy at the party last night, my b guys:("

"Awe don't worry you're still my lil boof!"
by MarielZachLaurynJess July 24, 2012
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Something that is whack, shitty, dumb, or fucked up. Used to describe objects, people, or shit you dont want to do.
"AJ's car is boof as fuck" or "That homework we got is Boof AF"
by swagdaddykeeks February 22, 2012
The act of lifting the bow of a whitewater kayak while going over rocks, waves, or waterfalls, in order to launch over hydraulics ("holes") or rocks. The name is derived from the sensation that it gives the kayaker, which is similar to rectal administration of drugs.
Charlie had such a sweet boof off of Little River Falls! All the cool kayakers are doing it - why plug the hole when you can boof it.
by paddler555 February 06, 2011
To abuse any licit or illicit substance via insertion into one's rectum.
Dude, I just saw Brian boofing some booze last night at a party. Rad!
by Beans n rice October 20, 2013
Inexplicably, what most white people think Beyoncé is saying in her song, Countdown
"Me and my boof and my boof boof riding"
by antlerz March 30, 2012
To stick something up your butt, generally drugs but can include anything.
The only way to do E is to boof it.

Where'd the kitty go? I boofed it.
by booferson March 24, 2008
Another term for having sex, often suggesting anal.
I'm tryina boof tonight.

I totally wanna boof her in the boofhole.
by Brobi wan Kenobi March 08, 2014
Slang for meth. Used to describe crystal meth in the 785 area code. Originated from the descriptive feeling one got when smoking or shooting meth during the 2000's. When users repeated blurted out "boof" after large hits and where asked why , they answered "everytime i hit your shit my head goes boof" and slowly dealers throughout the 785 coined "boof" slang for its crystal meth, ice, tina, twack, etc.
Wheres the Boof? / Got Boof? / Lets get an 8ball of that fire boof. / They've been up for days, acting like zombies, smoking Boof and shooting Boof up. / Im so boofed out I can't quit staring at the cameras.
by TellyMade July 26, 2012

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