A fat chick
also boofa
You were so wasted last night, you were totally hitting on that nasty-ass boof.
by gumz October 21, 2005
Nigga, I'm so boof. 311 is boof. Suck my boof dick, bitch. Rachel Walker is a stupid bitch, she is not boof.
by Nikhail Reese Gogia June 10, 2011
When a cat rubs up against you, specifically your face.
I just got boofed by my kitten!
by mumbletumble March 28, 2011
this term can be used according to scenario: it is a term that is used as a filler word in place of a profanity. this term is appropriate for any setting.
if you see a fat girl walking down the street with little to no clothing on lower your voice and say Boof.. if you see someone trip in public it's a boof... if you see a fat girl with little clothing on trip its a BOOOFF!!! i
by ssshhh... October 05, 2010
what a subwoofer does. bass.
the car had 4 8" subwoofers. all you could hear was that BOOF BOOF BOOF ya know what i'm sayin?
by lordypoo July 04, 2010
A word to describe the hairstlye the AFRO, or to say something is not good, or wack
1) That guys boof is the size of a beachball


2) Damn that ride was boof! It fucking sucked!
by EVllDeD June 25, 2010
vomiting after inhaling a large hit of marijuana.
"Boy I nearly boofed off that last hit."
by RemyMartini May 04, 2010

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