Slang for meth. Used to describe crystal meth in the 626 area code. Originated from the descriptive feeling one got when smoking or shooting meth during the 2000's. When users repeated blurted out "boof" after large hits and where asked why , they answered "everytime i hit your shit my head goes boof" and slowly dealers throughout the 626 coined "boof" slang for its crystal meth, ice, tina, twack, etc.
Ey you Boof it / Wheres the Boof? / Got Boof / Im so boofed out I can't quit staring at the cameras. / lets go Boof it and be up for days
by Slang_ebonic March 01, 2014
a whitewater kayak or canoe move that involves lifting the bow of the boat to get over an obstacle.
The word is an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of the boat hitting the water when the move is performed correctly. The boat lands flat on it's hull, making the "boof" sound.
That drop is shallow, so you want to boof it to avoid hitting bottom.

The best line is to boof that rock so you don't get stuck in the flow going the other way towards that nasty bit.
by dragorossi February 25, 2011
To take multiple penises to the mouth.
parker: I was boofing yesterday. All up in castro district in SF where da homos at DOBUD.

me : aright.

parker : i love to boof

hatch : tiffany is semi-hot!!!!!!!

me : k im out u guys are "BOOFS"
by BoofsIsForHomos October 17, 2009
If someone is the boof they are fat, stuck up, the worst of the worst, weak minded, mean to kids, pretentious, ect.
Mr. Krolisowski of foothill high school is the definition of the boof
by 1098765 September 29, 2013
The act of violently puking everywhere due to drinking massive amounts of alcohol by poor decision making.
Yo!! Did you see that drunk slut at the gas station? She just boofed EVERYWHERE.
by Ceej Slang April 21, 2013
Someone who acts goofy or awkward, especially in social situations while consuming drugs or alcohol; aka party fouls; also could be a term of endearment, though demeaning; goober.
"Dude you just broke that shot glass... ya BOOF!"

"omg I was acting so boofy at the party last night, my b guys:("

"Awe don't worry you're still my lil boof!"
by MarielZachLaurynJess July 24, 2012
To drink an alcoholic beverage anally. This can include beer, wine, hard liquor, or anything with alcohol as a base. Boofing an alcoholic beverage enters the bloodstream almost immediately, allowing the boofer to enjoy their beverage of choice much faster, without the possibility of vomiting as a result of the taste.
Hey, why's Tommy shitting water?" "He just got done boofing like 8 beers, man."
by ScoreSomeCoke May 27, 2010

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