Boof is a technical term in the sport of whitewater kayaking. What it mean is to use a rock (called a boof rock)to launch your boat flatly of of a small waterfall. This way a kayak lands beyond the hydraulic off of the bottom of the waterfall or avoids rocks that they would otherwise land on. Boof strokes refer to the stroke someone takes when making a boof move.
He totally missed the boof line and got pretty banged up.

To boof gorilla falls, hit the little rock three feet from the left wall.
by lauristan September 22, 2005
A male that's both ugly and a goof.
"You're a boof ."
Pronounced: B őő f
by Andrea DGeorge Nor-Cal April 29, 2016
Betting On Oil Futures
me and my crew gonna be boofin tn, i hear BP is going up 2%
by weboofin March 27, 2015
Slang for meth. Used to describe crystal meth in the 785 area code. Originated from the descriptive feeling one got when smoking or shooting meth during the 2000's. When users repeated blurted out "boof" after large hits and where asked why , they answered "everytime i hit your shit my head goes boof" and slowly dealers throughout the 785 coined "boof" slang for its crystal meth, ice, tina, twack, etc.
Wheres the Boof? / Got Boof? / Lets get an 8ball of that fire boof. / They've been up for days, acting like zombies, smoking Boof and shooting Boof up. / Im so boofed out I can't quit staring at the cameras.
by TellyMade July 26, 2012
Something of low quality, something very unappealing, or a situation that isn't very fair.
a. "This video game I just bought is so boof, dude."

b. "I would go to that concert, but it looks like it's going to be pretty boof."

c. "My whole day has been boof."
by FRZYKA1 February 29, 2012
a toxic stench excreted from one's asshole
Emily has the nastiest smelling boof out of all of us
by Miss Mann July 10, 2008
To fuck. (To perform intercourse with one another).
Rob boofs mad bitches!
by Kayla S. Johnson August 03, 2008
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