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short for gentlemen.
Host: Ladies and Gents, I welcome you to today's show!

by dhjdhdnndnsnd June 02, 2010
A member of the "Gentrification" movement in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. A, usually, male who either moved to the area for or wanted to join a start-up.

Tell tale signs of a Gent are:
-Works at a start-up
-May label them self as an entrepreneur
-Has a job they can't really explain
-Inflated sense of self
-Superiority complex
-Could be considered a 'hipster' but has too much money for that.
-Tinder whore

The Northern California yuppie of the 2010s.
I met this gent through Tinder who took me for a ride in his Tesla and asked if I've ever been to Prague.

That gent thinks he's going to change the world with his new app about organic parasailing.
by Sanfrannative February 15, 2014
Noun/adj: Classy and formal. Used like swag but means anti-swag.
He's got gent.
That's so gent.
by Leroy J Jenkins June 11, 2014
Dudes from Inner/Greater London who buy 'suave' looking clothes from Primark etc such as black tailored coats, white shirt/black tie pack, cheap cufflinks, big fake diamond earrings, anything bling as long as its black/white/'diamond' coloured. Drink Alizee', Hennessey, Courvoisier, Martell, sometimes Jack Daniels, Remy Martin (only on payday), and even now are beginning to become wine connoisseurs, with many Gents showing their partiality to a bit of Rose' here and there. Posing for photos with as many bottles of the aforementioned luxuries in hand is a must if one wishes to be recognised as a possessor of 'True' or 'Original Gent (O.G.)' status.
Gent 1: 'Ay staah- we landin on dat shubz 2nite?'

Gent 2: 'You dun kno fam-need to sort out my outfit doe still'

Gent 1: 'What u bussin 2nite? Black n white?'

Gent 2: 'Obviously fam, True Gents out ere. Need to wait til 6pm til I go out 2 get da juice, cos thats when I get paid still'

Gent 1: 'Man might juss bring dat leftover Martell from last week still, P's are low u get me?'

Gent 2: 'Is that how ur goin on? What u gonna pose wiv when ur Martell dregs are all drunk up an ting?'


Gent 2: 'You're one chief cuz'

Gent 1: 'Allow me fam'
by TrueGentO.G. January 17, 2011
Use of this word to describe just about anything, refer to Jawn, Jawnt
"Lemme get one dem gents", "Son them gents was raw yo"
by Kevintheslevin August 19, 2008
Gen T or GenT is a shortened form of Generation T. It was coined by David Strom in his September 2008 article at
Most Gen T kids skim over any text that is over 140 characters.
by tr0gd0rr February 04, 2010

Used to describe something as so motherfucking.
"I heard you got in a car wreck"
"Yea it was gents"
"Did you get wasted last night?"
"Yea,this morning I had a hangover,it was gents!"

by Nickkkk and his crew nigga! April 13, 2008
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