The act of violently puking everywhere due to drinking massive amounts of alcohol by poor decision making.
Yo!! Did you see that drunk slut at the gas station? She just boofed EVERYWHERE.
by Ceej Slang April 21, 2013
To be hit squarely with a pillow during a pillow fight. Derived from the sound made when solid feathers-to-face contact is made.
"Wow, I got boofed big time by that couch cushion!"
by jpreston4 August 20, 2009
the phenomenon where a bubble of air is inside the urethra and is slowly expanding until it pops and causes the sound of gas releasing
Dude, that was the loudest boof i have ever heard
by killr kyle March 20, 2009
this term can be used according to scenario: it is a term that is used as a filler word in place of a profanity. this term is appropriate for any setting.
if you see a fat girl walking down the street with little to no clothing on lower your voice and say Boof.. if you see someone trip in public it's a boof... if you see a fat girl with little clothing on trip its a BOOOFF!!! i
by ssshhh... October 05, 2010
1) To ejaculate

2) To have sex with, both anally and vaginally
a) Oh shit, I just boofed in my pants!

b) Dude, I totally boofed your sister last night.
by The Boofmeister. August 17, 2010
A word to describe the hairstlye the AFRO, or to say something is not good, or wack
1) That guys boof is the size of a beachball


2) Damn that ride was boof! It fucking sucked!
by EVllDeD June 25, 2010
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