a slang used in Ghana, meaning ignore
bone that lesson
awww, boy bone that girl of yours

bone that phone call
ei, i think i have to bone the clubbing to night
#ignore #neglect #avoid #leave alone #skive
by pooklin January 01, 2010
A reference to a unit of U.S. dollars
I earned 9 bones ($900)-From TV " Deadliest Catch"
#dollar #money #currency #tv #unit
by Cahaba2000 May 24, 2009
Originated from Jacob (Jizzle) of SMS in Southern California on a spontaneous moment. To own beyond belief. Amount of ownage may be measured in hardness with harder than fuck being the most amount of bonage. Also, one who bones can be reffered to as a Boner.
Dude, I freaking boned last night.

I am the greatest boner of all time.

I bone everyone at half-court shots.
#own #pwn #dominate #crush #ownage
by J i z z l e March 02, 2009
Any alcohol drink which a camp male chooses to drink that generally can be defined as a womens drink. These include most alcopops such as smirnoff ice. Usually drunk instead of beer as they do not have the same tastes as most males.
"2 bones over here!"

"i had bare bones last nite"
#alcohol #gay #camp #smirnoff #drink #bone #bacardi
by Tom Fraser October 05, 2006
naff, bollux, not very good.

army saying.
this movie is so bone.
by lexi May 08, 2004
Military slang for something being dumb, stupid, a load of cack.
Those were some bone orders we were given corporal.
Don't give me any bone excuse about why you haven't got your rifle on you soldier
by Miss Fire April 02, 2004
Short for hambone!, a slang term for a Ham Radio Operator.
Damn, I had to get out of there. That bone was stinking up the place. Goddamned HRO, you should be required to take a shower before you can go in there.

There's no way in hell I'm getting up at 5 AM to go to some stupid bone fest in the middle of buttfuck.
by Green Mountan Rapists Association February 04, 2004
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