means not very good (see bollocks, naff)
ah this weekend has been so bone!
this is bone
that film was bone
#rubbish #bollocks #naff #crap #awful
A white person or someone who looks white.
Why is that bone being racist to that nick nack?
#cracker #white boy #wigger #whitey #dude
by Matthew T. Kane June 19, 2006
To leave. Short for "bone out".
Dude, it's late, I gotta bone.
#leave #bounce #disappear #go #fly
by bezel333 December 31, 2005
Word stoners or thuggish kids use to express urgency in the words, LEAVE!
The cops are here, bone out bone out!
My mom pulled up so I boned outta there.
by melebrate x August 03, 2005
FDslash's password on AIM.
His bot's password was bone so we tried it on his real one and it stole it for a while.
by Teh Penguin April 24, 2005
This Lil Nig From Beaver Falls.
(Gurl):Man That Nig Bones Got A Small Dick.
by Chips March 13, 2005
(n) abbreviation for "trombone"
"He played bone in a pit orchestra."
by Mr. Sackbut February 11, 2005
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