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1) a seldom-used cock

2) the name of an awesome Pittsburgh band known for their worldly rock
Damn, I ain't got none in so long, I got a rusted root.


Yeah, my dick is about to fall off from lack of lubrication.
#root #dick #rock #band #lubrication
by pornhorn50 January 26, 2010
v. to be a lonely male with a boner, especially one that needs immediate attention. More than likely will be taken care of by Ms. Palm and her 5 little nieces.
I am feeling so bonely tonight that I will be pulling my pud as soon as I make it to my car.
#pud #palm #lonely #boner #masturbate
by pornhorn50 January 12, 2010
the large cock (big as a rhino horn) of a porn film star
In the second scene of the XXX-rated movie, the skank was definitely giving her all, even though she was choking on the porn horn.
#pornhorn #porn #horn #cock #rhino
by pornhorn50 January 14, 2010
to irritate the vagina, usually due to excessive copulation
My man was so drunk last night, he just kept fucking me but wouldn't cum. He didn't please me at all, in fact all he really did was vagitate me...
#vagina #cum #irritate #copulate #fuck
by pornhorn50 January 11, 2010
(crot-SHAY) a large piercing in the genitalia with a crochet hook. Crotch, of course, refers to the area of the genitalia, and a crochet hook is used to turn yarn into fabric. It is similar to a knitting needle but may be larger and will have tortuous hooks on one or both ends.
A local craft shop saw a mysterious rise in the number of crochet hooks sold. All was explained when the craft shop owner visited the local body piercing studio and saw an artisan crotchet the young ladies labia.
#crotch #crochet #genitalia #hook #pierce
by pornhorn50 January 18, 2010
n. a turd that has been splattered all over the toilet bowl

v. to splatter a turd all over the toilet bowl, usually unintentionally
Man did that fish taco make me sick. I scooted to toilet and splatturd all over the place.
#turd #toilet #bowl #splatter #poop
by pornhorn50 January 11, 2010
1) to jerk off in a soda can that just happens to be nearby

2) to jerk off with a full soda bottle inserted into the rectum
The old style coke bottle works best for a soda jerk. It fits good, is ribbed, doesn't need any lube, and the caffeine enema keeps you coming...
#soda #jerk #bottle #rectum #enema
by pornhorn50 January 11, 2010
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