1)To have sexual intercourse.


3)Core, soul.

4)When a male is doing something with a female, like slowdancing, and he gets a boner and it hits her.

5)A joint (the drug).
1a)Maddie is so fucking hot, I wanna bone her so bad.
b)I boned a fat chick last night. She had big tits.

2a)When I looked at the lesbian porn, my bone got so hard.
b)Katie: When you had sex with Jeremy, was it nice?
Meghan: Nah, his bone was way too small. He had a baby dick.

3)I'm a true punk rocker to the bone.

4)Charisse dumped Mike on the spot when he boned her when they were innocently cuddling and watching movies.

5)Brian got busted for being caught smoking bone behind the school.
by xxdecayingashes December 26, 2004
The 2nd single off of The Killers sophmore album Sam's Town.
"Don't you wanna come with me?
Don't You wanna feel my bones
On your bones,
It's only natural"
by Mrs Brandon Flowers June 07, 2007
tall skinny man, good at giving head in sprinting season (all year round)
bones went down for the block start but instead found doug down.
by bonestrum September 30, 2006
Grab me a pack of bones
by PureEvil May 11, 2002
local homosexual
YMCA are so fu*king bones
by x1t February 08, 2003
Pizza crust left over from someone who does not eat the crust.
Person A: Can I have a slice of pizza?

Person B: No, but you can have my bones.
by Blowfish July 30, 2005
A delicacy.
Furor Planesdefiler, I will eat your bones!!!!!!!!
by Golrath the Barbarian October 27, 2003
A Nickname Used To Describe Really Really Skinny Ppl. Often Used to Describe People Who Dont Eat Or Choose Not To Like Anorexics And Simon
Aha Bones!
by Diablo February 21, 2003

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