slang grafiti word for tagged somthing, or bombing a place
yo timmy and i bombed that new school with paint last night
by spying cow October 19, 2006
Similar to 'awesome, cool, wicked', but far less lame than any of those.
Check out that bombed chick.
Yeh she's pretty bombed.
Yeh bombed.
Pretty bombed n shit.
by PPE August 01, 2006
An acronym for Bombarded with Oncoming Monday Blues. (Alternately: Backslapped by Oncoming Monday Blues and Bogged down with Oncoming Monday Blues.)
Dude 1: Man I got nothing done this weekend.
Dude 2: Snap! Sounds liked you just got BOMBed!
by ScrabbleDiva April 06, 2009
to leave something totally covered in graffiti
Tommo: ben that wall has been fucken bombed by miser
Ben: i no braz
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
when a friend logs into your facebook/twitter/myspace and posts a random status update.
Guy 1's status: I love it up the ass!!!
Guy 2's comment: Dude you got bombed
by castrol_man November 17, 2010
To be bombarded or flooded with something, specifically instant messages.
"I'm sorry that I'm not talking much. I'm getting IM bombed."
by KaylaS February 21, 2006
To really let it rip (fart) on someone.
Dayumn, he really bombed that chick!
by Sedi May 31, 2003

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