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A hoarder of money. See jew
That fuckin' miser works in a deli. His idea of heaven is getting $5 off his matzah ball soup.
by Mark Snicher April 11, 2005
111 68
Also know as M. McCabe, *To miser* to borrow without intent to return/A miser - name given to the person misering.
"No you cant smoke anymore of my weed McCabe you fucking miser!"
by Vladimir March 11, 2004
42 37
Miser is the most burner riter goin out. He dus panels everyday and neva ceases to amaze people with his skills in graf.
--Fark i juz saw a miser panel!
--Man i see them on like every train ay.
--Yeh tru. He fukn burns!
by Tomo n Ben April 23, 2005
10 62