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fat pizza is the funniest fucken show goin out. it is filmed in bankstown which is in sydney australia. The show is made by lebos but they arnt gay cunt lebs like most of em there sick fucken cunts.
Tommo: oi ben braz u watchin pizza 2nite
Ben: i neva miss dat show adlay
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
brand of clothing that make sick shirts that lads and graffas wear.
Tommo: ben that nautica shirt is sik
Ben: i no braz
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
to hook in wif a chik is to perform sexual activities with them, possibly even root em. people normally try to hook in wif chiks at parties and/or whilst pissed.
Tommo: ben try hook in wif dat hot bitch ova dere
ben: ok
(ben ventures off and then very soon after chattin up the chik he goes into the bedroom wif her. 10 minutes later he comes out looking satisfied wif himself. ben has just hooked in!)
by benjohnson April 29, 2005
the castle is the best fucken movie ever made. watchin this movie means making the move from being a pre-aussie to a tru blu aussie bloke. this movie has sum of the best and funniest shit goin out in it and also sum of the stupidest shit goin out.
Dale kerrigan (from the castle): i gave this elephant to wayne coz he is in jail. elephants bring good luck, especially wen the trunks are up, and this trunk was up. (later in the movie) I thought about wayne tonight... i thought about his elephant. i wondered if the trunk was still up coz that brings good luck.
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
this phrase is used to ask your mates wot there doin or wot yous r guna do.
(Ben n Jack knock on barts door)
(bart answers the door naked)
Bart: Whats the go guyz?
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
this word is used in place place of anything you call your mates. it means bro, which originated from the lebs, so it was changed by the aussies first to bra, then braz. mayoh sez this word alot
tommo: mayoh you gettin pissed at berkleys satdy nite?
mayoh: yeh braz
by benjohnson April 29, 2005
aussie way of sayin yesterday. if ur a tru aussie n u say yesterday instead of yesty, ur a poof.
Ben: tommo wot u do yesty mate
Stupid lebo: wot is yesty bro
Tommo n ben: ur a gay cunt
by benjohnson May 06, 2005

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